Ed Merritt - Bournemouth web creative. Art direction, design & code.

Ed Merritt is a Bournemouth based designer and front-end developer with over a decade of experience creating engaging interactive experiences. I use Sass to write robust, extensible front-end systems with an OOCSS and BEM-flavoured approach. Currently working with the fine folk at Headscape.

I've worked with a number of excellent agencies and through them, for a number of high profile clients including Channel 4, Nestlé, Vodafone, Merck, London Metropolitan Archives, Oxford University, National Parks UK, Corgi, Edinburgh University, Environmental Defense Fund, London Boat Show, Venturer Electronics, Blackpool Pleasure Beach...

I also have a little shop, Ten by Twenty (where half the products are free). It's home to a variety of digital products, from fonts to themes. Most start out as little experiments, and the ones I like enough to actually finish end up here. Visit Ten by Twenty.

Say hi or follow @emerritt on twitter or @edmerritt on instagram.

More clients I've worked with: